Wayniiboi (Season 2)

Starring: Duane Newson

Country of origin United States
No. of season 1
No. of episodes 7
Original release October 25, 2012 – February 14, 2011
Season chronology
Season one

Wayniiboi Season 2 Edit

The second season of the Web-reality internet show, Wayniiboi, Staring Duane Newson. The first season of Wayniiboi was canceled after 6 episodes, due to total lameness. Duane worked on making the second season better by adding effects, music, extended runner-time, and more. The show was being recorded from May, to August. The show is Following up on Duane on who he hangs out with. New Characters, more drama, and more fun. Being published on YouTube on October 25, 2012.


  • Duane Newson: Known for video taping, and being calm cool and collected. Appeared in all episodes.
  • Makai Johnson: Apeared in episodes 1, 2, 4, 7. Known for being silly. and was voted the funniest.
  • Paige Gillespie "Blondy Tales": Apeared in Episode 3, Being mean to the chinese girls Jess. Because of her flipping out, cursing, that made that most popular episode of season 2, and season 1.
  • Julius: Known for throwing paper ball into the rash can, and play fighting with Rebecca on episode 3.
  • Jawon Patterson: First appearence, episode 3. Where he was telling Duane about his cousin. Jawon is most popular for the sleep over episode, that was the third most popular episode in the season.
  • Rebecca: Appeared in episodes 2 and 3. Known for making Duane a picture and giving him her autograph for when she become famous for being a singer and actress.
  • Mal: Apeared in episode 1, where he got into a fight(not a real fight), and telling Duane he left his paintball gun on safety. He also appeared in the aftershow with Duane and maki, doing the salt and ice challenge.
  • April: Duane's Aunt (Who was on two episodes on season 1). First appearence on episode 3, yelling and cursing as usual. And she appeared in episode 4, 5, and 6.
  • Devon: Known for being loud, crazy and real. He appeared in episode 5, where he got into a altercation with Jawon, and episode 6 where they squirted mustered on his face, and a bucket of ice dumped on him while he was sleep.
  • Nigee: Duane's little brother, known for being a cry baby, but funny. Apeared in episode 3,4,5, and 6.
  • Bombie: Known for laughing loud, and pouring ice on Devon on episode 6.
  • Marquise: Known for acting surprised when the glass got shattered everywhere, and being manipulative.
  • Bobbi: Jawon's little sister, who appeared in one episode on the first season of Wayniiboi, and appeared in episodes 3, and 6 on season 2.

Episode Edit

Episode Summary                                    Date Publised Views
201 Episode 1 (Paintball): Duane, Makai Johnson and friends goes out paint-balling. Duane formed an alliance with Makai, Kevin, and Tyeerce. There team Round 1. Next round, the alliance stood together. But Duane and Makai both got shot and was out the game. Duane's arm was bleeding. October 25, 2012 151
202 Episode 2 (Brownie Bites): Duane, Makai, Darius, and Bob, when to the movies to see Snow White and the Huntsman, Makai annoyed Darius, and was being a goof ball. Later at school, Duane, hang out with friends at school, Rebecca drew Duane pictures, and ither stuff. (Funny) November 8, 2012 83
203 Episode 3 (Blondy Tales): Crazy Paige aka Blondy tales, have a aultercation with Asian girl, and snaps out cursing and taking her hanger out on Dustin. Duane finds out that he is going to dorney park, later Jawon, and April tells Duane about the things Nahshon said about him. Bobbie, wanted help to restore her password. November 15, 2012 558
204 Episode 4 (Dorney Park): Makai and Darius is back, and they are going to dorny park. on Fathers day, Duane takes a trip to Delaware, and some drama between Jason.  November 29, 2012 32
205 Episode 5 (Jawon Vs Devon): The drama between Jawon and Devin is continued and is getting bad. Duane move and pack to his new house, and later go see the fireworks. December 6, 2012 38
206 Episode 6 (The Sleepover): Jawon's birthday sleepover with Nigee, Devon from episode 5, and a couple of other friends. Things get crazy when they break glass, spills ice everywhere, and getting on eacher's nerves. January 10,2013 133
207 Episode 7 (The Aftershow) February 3, 2013 96

Duane Wants FameEdit

The third season of wayniiboi/ new edition of the show. Began filimg in November 2012. and was scheduled to be published in April 2013. There wasn't enough recorded to persue with the series.