Wayniiboi Edit

Staring Duane Newson, the young 16 year old little show, spinning of from excel. Filmed shortly after his birthday in November 2011, and ended in early March. Wayniiboi Premiered on April 6. The show was canceled by Duane, after 6 episodes.


Name Episodes Appeared Stats
Duane Newson 1-10 (10/10)
Chia The Chihuahua Newson 1,2,3,6,8,9 (6/10)
Mahasin 2,4,5,6,8,9,10 (7/10)
Mimi 1,4,5,6,10 (5/10)
Jawon 7,8 2/10
April 7,8 2/10

Episodes Edit

Episode Summary Published
101 Duane introduces himself, and starts off with his cousins acting dumb. Lyn's hiccups, playing yatzee. Chia makes her scene, April 6, 2012
102 Mom mom Mahsin comes in. Chia is on her period getting blood everywhere. Mom mom cooking dinner. Duane sneaks a bite and bump his head.  April 7, 2012
103 Chia is getting fed by Duane, as he trys to take her chicken she snaps out.  April 14, 2012
104 Duane comes up with a plan to prank his mom. Him and mom team up a pretend they lost her car key.  April 19, 2012
105 There plan continues and, mom mom is foi g a good job acting. My mom reached the iint of stopping the car and making mom mom look for the key. Mom mom gave up the act.  April 24, 2012
106 The Rest if The Series is Canceled .... May 1, 2012

Cancelation Edit

After 6 episodes of Wayniiboi, the show was canceled due to total lameness. He deleted 3 of the 6 episodes the was published on YouTube. The most 3 popular episodes was "Feeding Chia", and "Pranking My Mom" parts 1 and 2. Thee was 10 episodes that was supposed to be published. But Duane felt the show wasn't good, and worked on the second season.

Season 2 Edit

Season 2 of Wayniiboi began filimg in May 2012, and ended in August 2012. The producers, made sure the season would be worth watching. The show was publised on youtube in October 26 2012. and Unlike the first season, this will consist of a after show.