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Excel (Throw-back Thursday)
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First Duane Newson
Second Nah'shon Newson
Third Unknown
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Starring Duane Newson web-reality star and model. The first series produced by Duane when him, and his cousin Nah'shon Newson talks about the incident ever since Duane uploaded the video "3 way calling attacking Shanita[[1]]. Duane video taped the phone conversations, but his cousin nahshon did not know he was recording. The series was filmed in August 2011, and ended in October 28 2011, but never was relesed due to family conflict. But in early 2013 Duane is publishing the videos on the series has 9 episodes.


Episode Description Date Recorded Date Published Link
1 Duane and Nah'shon starts off talking about Brandon Miller, an non factor in the show. This episode had nothing to do with the 3 way calling attack vidoe Aug 30, 2011 Jan 10, 2013 [2]
2 Things get serious when Duane gets the Feedback from his cousin about the youtube video "3 way calling attack Shanita". Shanita and her friends isnt happy. His cousin Nah'shon tells him everything it is to know. October Jan 17, 2013 [3]
2.5 Aftershow of episodes 1 and 2, showing clips edited out. 2012 Feb 4, 2013 [4]
3 TBA October 24, 2011 Feb 4, 2013 [5]