Early lifeEdit

Duane Newson a web-reality internet star, best known from staring in his Youtube show, Wayniiboi. He was born in November 21, 1995.

Duane currently lives in Ridley, PA. he have artistic skills and good looks. He have internet blogs, such as The School of Our's blog. When he tells the way school went. He have his own youtube shows, Excel, Wayniiboi, and Duane Wants Fame. He is decribed to be manipulative, and narsisstic. He enjoys looking in the mirror, Tennis, eating sushi, and getting his way.

The School of Our's Blog SeriesEdit

In 2010, the the School of Our's first blog was posted, during 7th grade. The blog is about the dramtic life Duane haves in school. It's been 4 chapters so far, 7th-10th grade. Season 1: CCCS

Season 1: CCCSEdit

In 2009, Duane went to CCCS for 6-7 grade. Duane first came in class, but the attendance note said that there was a mistake, and that he was put in a different class. Duane was put in a class where he knew a lot of people, like traquane from 5th-7th grade, Samantha, the girl he always saw in the hallways last year in 6th grade, and others. Duane’s homeroom class was Ms. Murphy’s Science class. Soon enough, Duane came to being one of the most popular, and most controversial kids on the class, because of his villainous, conceded acts. Duane and Keyisha started out as friends and they always chose each-other for partners, while the guys claim they would get married. Some people liked Duane like, Daishanique, because he was a good artist. But then people saw how narcissistic he his when he calls himself “Hot” and talks about how much of a good looking guy he is. By the it driven a lot of people away, plus the stupid idiotic act and things he would say. One day, everyone in all the 7th grade classes where to vote for student counsel, nobody was nominated you just write down someone’s name, Duane had no idea on who to vote for, so he wrote down his friend Lisa’s name down. a couple weeks later, Duane was one who chosen to be a part of student counsel, everyone was clapping for him, he was really surprised. After awhile he became the most hated on in the class, everyone saw how he would get away with a lot of stuff and no one ever saw him get in trouble, and Duane knew it and would do it om purposed to get under everyone’s skin. Tanea was on to speak her mind calling him “Asshole”, and “Bastard”.

Daishanique Dickerson showed violence when one day on a dress down day, she choked him with his scarf, in English class, pinning him down on his desk, until the teacher ran over to get her off, she was sentenced a Wednesday detention, while Duane went to the nurse. After the new years, in 2010 DUane made sure to make David life miserable beacuse he is always being childish, and talking to him like he is mental slow. David walked up the isle one and hit him with a folder. Duane made sure to have plans with him when David said “Hi” to him one day and Duane yelled out “David just threatened me!” David flipped out just how Duane knew he would. Samantha plotted against Duane, She and her crew, David, Daishanique and some other have been trying to get under his skin. After Duane done five of his female classmates wrong, Samantha, Dajza, Lanaysha, Tanea, and Keyijah reported him to Ms. Beah, because of Duane telling Samanatha’s best friend, Brianna, that Samanatha was saying stuff about her (Calling her a lesbian), Duane told the 8th grader girls that Dajza made a list (The slut list) filled with 8th grader girls. Luckily MS. beah was distracted from Duane’s eye lashes and sent him back to class.

In May 10, 2010, Duane is suspended for “biting fellow class member Keyijah Mackentire” Duane denies it by saying “She was trying to pop my baby balloon, i was holding it behind my head. She was trying to reach to get it, but while I was telling her to get away her hand went near my mouth, and my teeth greased her hand alittle and she said i bit her on purpose”. the vice principle couldn't see or understand how someone can bit somebody by an mistake. Keyeiisha, taking the chance to get him in trouble says, “He did it on purpose, and it hurted so bad.” Duane was suspended for the first.

Season 2: Kirk Middle SchoolEdit

In August of 2010, Duane was online looking at a new school in Delaware, called Kirk V. Middle School, Since he lived in Newark at the time he had a choice to continue at CCCS for 8th grade or, go to a new school. Duane thought about it, and because of harassing and bullying people on facebook from CCCS, he didn't want to deal with that drama and moved to Newark. Duane had to go into the library to get his home room class, after 3 periods of the class (Social Studies, Science etc) it’s lunch time. In the giant line in front of him, this in front of Duane, the first guy he meet, Alex Parks. He turned around and introduced himself to Duane wanting to be friends. Duane sat with Austin, and his friend who had a weird voice. At the end of the day, a Assembly is held to go over rules. The cell phone rule, they said that you could be texting one of your friends, but you never know that you could be text a teacher, and you will get in trouble. The girl sitting next to Duane, Ashely she said that is really smart. Next day, Duane doesn’t have a schedule from being new to the school. A large group of people is told to go to the auditorium to watch Akilah and Bee, and Sandlot 2. Duane meet this little kid Dustin in the 8th grade. He kept telling Duane what was going to happen nest in the Sand Lot movie. Duane was kinda annoyed that Dustin was telling the movie, but they started talking. “I bet you saw that movie a lot of times.” Duane told Dustin. That’s his favorite movie. He asks him what his name is. He told him its Duane, and Dustin said “Like Duane wade. Duane Met Alex Parks in the line going to lunch, They become friends because, Alex was in all of Duane’s classes, soon in October 2010 As Brian, Duane, Dymond and Alex was sitting at a table, Duane showed that he really wasn't sporty, he didn't know any basketball players, or didn't know some rules, Alex is a big sports fan, and this difference made the two hate each other. Duane had some ment gum, and Dymond and Jakeila wanted it. So Duane had a devious plan to mess with Alex, he told them if they wanted gum, they would have to go beat up Alex, So Dymond and Jakeila did just that. They ran over to Alex and was play hitting him softly, with Alex getting annoyed by it. They ran back over to Duane to get their gum Duane promised, them. Alex saw Duane give them gym and then Duane looked at him with a evil smile. So, The sub told everyone to do some book work, the class is quiet. Alex had asked to go to the bathroom, and on his way out, Alex smacked Duane’s head so hard the whole class heard it. Duane’s mouth is wide open, Alex said sorry because the sub was looking at him. Dymond told Duane that he should have beat him up for that. But Duane had a mental plan for him. In CMP class, everyone would leave their folders with class work, and other important stuff on their desk when they leave. So Duane waited until Alex left, went back to his desk and took his folder and left the class. In homeroom, Duane opened his folder, going through his stuff, and then discarded the whole thing in the trash. The next couple day, Alex couldn’t find his folder, Ms. Morris told him he should have out his folder in the class locker. Duane is sitting in the row in front with a evil smile. In ELA, Duane hangs with Declan, Talking about Alex and Tahiru. Alex hears it and tells Tahiru. Then, the 4 starts a war. Tahiru is throwing broken crayons and pencils at Duane and Declan. Alex told Tahiru that he has his back if he gets caught. Duane Told Declan that even though a pencil didn't hit him, he is going to act like it did and tell the teacher. Declan thought that idea was genius. Duane starts rubbing his eye to get it watery and red, and then he just acts out he’s in pain. Tahiru and Alex are whispering, Tahiru is upset that he is trying to get them in trouble, but Alex has his back. Duane told Ms. hunt that he needs to go to the bathroom to wash out his eye, because a certain someone threw a crayon at him, Declan had yelled that Tahiru did it. Episode 15 His New BFF, On day on a B day in January 2011, these two girls walked over to Duane, One Blonde girl, and A dark haired girl. “Do you want to sit with us” the dark haired girl said. Duane follwed them to their table. “My name is Sam” The dark hair girl said. She also introduced him to her friends, Courtney Pizarro, Fae Pharrel, Michael the rocker boy, Brittany the scene, and Christian Downy, and more. Duane was quiet, observing everybody. Duane had feelings for Samantha, even though she was a lesbian, Duane had a crush on her, Sam would take Duane’s camouflage key chain and wear it around her neck, or write on Duane’s hand, and she loves him.

Later in 2011,a new kid Brandyn Miller came to school who was in Duane’s English class, and science class, the two started off terribly, one day, that made some views in the School of Our’s History, Dane and Brandyn were arguing and Brandyn threaten to beat Duane up if he said his name again, Brandyn told Duane that he swears to God he will hit him. Duane sat back reading his book and said whatever. Brandyn got up stood above him and started hitting him in his cute little face. Multiple times. Khali is laughing really hard. Brandyn walk down the sisal of the classroom and said “I’m not done yet” walked back up to Duane raised his hand. Duane flinched and started blocking his face and took the next hit Brandyn gave him. Brandyn walks out the class. Ms. Hunt calls Duane to go to the nurse. Duane drenched his mouth out and a little blood came out. Brandyn is walking out, Mr. Wendrolf came, Brandyn yelled that he didn't care and that he’ll do it again. Duane had to write a statement telling what happened, and Brandyn was leaving the school with someone. after school that day, Duane went home, his mom wanted to know what happened. He told her that they didn't like each other, and today he told him that if he said his name he was going to hit him. His mom tells him that Brandyn and his family is going to come to their house but Bob don’t want those people coming in his so they have to go to Brandyn’s house. Duane’s mom makes Duane calls his dad so he can hear what happened and drive to Delaware. Soon Duane’s dad, Duane comes. His dad is quiet and have an “I don’t care attitude”. They drive to their apartments, and knocks on the door. Duane is really nervous right now, but he’s acting really calm and collected. Brandyn’s mom opens the door, she is really nice and welcoming, they take their shoes off. And sits at their table. Brandyn’s step dad comes in too. The mom starts off by saying that her last son died (got shot) years ago. Duane feels bad, but he thinks its sketchy that she’s saying this because Duane haves the power to send Brandyn away. The first 10 minutes they are talking about the parent’s past. Finally the main subject, the altercation. Duane told in his story what happened. Then Brandyn is called in. He admits to some stuff but says that Duane was kicking his chair, Duane said that he wasn't even right in front of him, he was sitting diagonal from him. Brandyn says that Duane took his binder and threw it in the trash can (basically he saying all the stuff he did to Duane’s binder). Duane said he never touched his stuff (which was a lie), “its not true because when I got in the classroom, he was asking people if they saw his binder” Duane said. His step dad asked if its true. Duane’s parents looked at Brandyn, his parents looked at him. Inside Duane is saying that Brandyn is screwing himself over. Brandyn denied it. Brandyn’s step said to Duane that he needs to defend himself and not to let people do that. Duane is thinking,”he is going off subject its not about me is about your step son”. Duane’s dad wants them to fight, but everyone else disagrees. Brandyn’s mom start saying how he used to wrestle and other shit. Duane doesn't cares. Brandyn’s mom thinks they should hand shake it away and be friends. On Duane way out, Brandyn gave Duane a fake hand shake, and them they left. Going home Duane told his mom that they should press the charges and his mom think so too.

Duane met Tayla early on in the year, she is Known for being un-liked by EVERYONE. No guys liked her, neither did girls. She met Duane in science class working on a mini project with Anna and Duane. Duane and Tayla got on each-other nerves and was enemies. Tayla is the lier, who claims she’s Korean, and that she is from Korean. Duane did not like her at all. Tayla told Duane that she had him in a dream, and that they were going out, and Duane almost through up. She is so delusional, that she called him boyfriend, and went into his locker and stole 10 dollars. Her cousin (the fat elephant girl) Elizabeth, told Duane what happened, Tayla was to put his book in his locker, and she went snooping in his coat pocket and found his wallet, and said “Well he’s my boyfriend, i can go whatever”. Elizabeth said. but Elizabeth changed up the story to back Tayla up. In Episode 29 Tayla Brings a Dildo Tayla brings a dildo to school, and she touched Duane, Duane was discussed that she touch him after she had a dildo in her hand, that was probably in her Virginia. Brandyn Miller told everyone that she stuck the dildo in his ear. Duane doesn't see Tayla as a human being. Episode 32 The Sad Last days The last day which is a half day, there’s a party in the gym and you have to pay a dollar to get in this Lady paid for Duane and others to go. He goes to Sam in the line, Sam writes in his arm, “i will always love huh, forever huh, loves Sam”. Which really means a lot to Duane. They get in, But he lost his friend on the way in. He’s trying to look for Sam. He see Estiban sitting up in the bleachers. Duane even speaks to Jordan from Health class. Its really emotional people are crying, Duane even see Seth Dorris crying, which is funny. He finally finds Sam and she is crying. Dj gives Sam to him, she says on his lap and gives him a really big hug. All the 6 and 7th graders left, and a teacher made a announcement. Everyone is sobbing, till its finally time to leave, Duane walks out the door he saw Alex (Duane was too shy to say anything to him) Duane walked down this hallway for the last Time. He gets on the bus and drives away. But the only thing he is really thinking about his Sam. P.s. he shed a tear for her.

Season 3: Ridley High SchoolEdit

Season 4: Ridley High School 2Edit

Season 5: Junior YearEdit

On February 12-13 2014, a girl whose picture was on the schoolof our’s wiki page called the school, reporting the website. The rumor broke out at school (95% of the student were unaware of the blog). The blog had record breaking views for the first time in 4 years since the blog has been out. Duane was called down to the principal because the rumor of his wikia blog was out of hand and the principle felt he wouldn't be safe in school. Because of the picture of students and usage of teachers names cause controversy and distress among students. Later, twitter was blowing up, everyone was tweeting about the school of our’s blog, and people made edits to the wiki. Duane tweeted that he was going to keep the blog, as long as he locked the wiki page so people couldn't make edits. On Saturday February 15, the blog was deleted.

Duane tried to email the wikia website about them achieving the blog for him, just so he'd have the journal he took for himself, but because of the privacy term that was broken, they wouldn't show him. after Duane sending email, he realized that he can cach the site under google, even though the wikia site was "taken down". Duane is on the hunt for a new website to finished post his last 2 seasons of high school.

Season 6: Senior YearEdit

Internet Show Edit

In September 1, 2011, Duane made his first Youtube video, 3 way calling attack Shanita, when Duane is quietly Wayniiboi, that was video taped in the summer of 2012, and wasn't out untill October, 25. Duane appeared in all 7 recording a phone conversation, and publishing it on Youtube for a spiteful perpose.

Later in April 2012, he released his web-reality show Wayniiboi, wich was canceled after 6 episodes, due "to total lameness" according to Duane. In September 13, 2012, Duane release the trailer, of the new second season of episode episode, and have episode 3 being the most popular.


Season 3 of Wayniiboi was scheduled to be released in the spring of 2013, but filming was cut short, and season 3 (Duane Wants Fame) will filing in the summer of 2013, and later to be publish in the fall.

Online Appearences Edit

Year Title Notes
2007 Camp Garret Talent Show   Youtube video 
2010-2015 The School of Our's (Blog Series) Blog Series Seasons 1-6
2011 Excel(2011) 10/10 episodes
2012 Wayniiboi (Season 1) Star; 10/10 episodes 
2012-2013 Wayniiboi (Season 2) Star; 7/7 episodes
2013 Daycare For Real producer, Camera man
The School of Our's All Stars (Season 1) Green team, 13/13 episodes, 3rd place
2014 The Class Trip: Costa rica Blog Series
Daycare For Real (Season 2) Producer, Camera man
2015-2016 The School of Our's All Stars (Season 3) 10th place
2016 Get Me Hired