Daycare For Real/ Wayniiboi All Star Games will be in post production this July 2013, with 5 kids for Daycare For Real and 5 kids from Wayniiboi. They will be compiting head to head for a grand prize. Scheduled to be publish in August or September 2013.

The series consist of challenges to test the kid's

Series OverviewEdit

            Season        First Publish Last Publish No. Contestants Winner No. Episodes
All Star Games: Friend or Foe TBA TBA 10 TBA 8

Season 1Edit

Filimg on July 30, 2012 in the Daycare For Real House. A one day production, and edited into 8 episodes.

There are 10 participents, there will be a challenge every week, and the winner of the challenge will be immuned from elimenation, plus the will recive an addionation advantage "Special Powers, that will help them, or someone else in the game.

In elimenation, everyone will write a name to vote for some to be dismissed from the game, the person with the most votes will be asked to leave the game. but every elimenation, everyone who was/will be elimenated will come back as a jury to watch there friends or foes get elimenated. At the end, only one will get the grand prize, and the other who where elimenated will choose a prize out a bag (in the order they was elimenated in).

Participates HistoryEdit